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AEOS products are designed to be used together as a complete skincare solution.


This Multi- purpose Muslin cloth can be used with the AEOS Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq to remove your makeup, AEOS Dew Facial Wash to cleanse your skin,

and when used with warm water used as a compress during cleansing, to help relax your skin and open your pores for a deeper cleanse.

And because of the 100% unbleached organic muslin cotton, it also has a gentle exfoliating action.

A quick easy money and time saver for removing makeup. 


  • Can be used as a compress during cleansing, when used with warm water relaxing the skin and opening the pores for a deeper cleanse.
  • 100% unbleached organic muslin cotton
  • Apply Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq to skin with gentle massage motion. After soaking the Muslin Cloth in warm water and squeeze out any excess water. Place the muslin cloth over your face and leave for a few seconds. This opens your pores Repeat this up to 3 times, giving time to allow the pores to open and gently prepare the skin for the maximum benefit of the products to follow. WORKS WELL WITH AEOS Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq and AEOS Dew Facial Wash.

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