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AEOS Starter Kit


Supercharge your skin with AEOS orgainc skincare.

And if you have a sensitivity for different skincare then this is your answer…

A 2 day, morning and night sample kit, a perfect introduction to the power of AEOS Skincare.

Just choose Pink or Blue - check out ABOUT AEOS if you want to know the difference. 

Vegan and never tested on animals.

  • A 2 day sample kit, perfect for those with sensitive skin.

    Please check out the AEOS individual sizes for the benefits for each product

  • Please check out the AEOS products in larger sizes to see the individual ingredients
  • All AEOS products are highly concentrated. Shake the bottle before use to allow the potent elements to energetically be brought together before your application. A little goes a long way, so please use sparingly and use on damp skin.

    I use a little water spray bottle to give a very faint spray before applying.

    Please refer to the individual product description on each use.

    Using the correct sequence of AEOS products will allow each of them to be received by your skin and penetrate to deeper layers within the skin structure, according to its needs, and enabling the maximum effect.


    STEP 1.

    Cleansing Oil dé-Maq is a cleanser and makeup remover and will be your first step in the AEOS sequence.

    And if removing makeup you may want to use the cleansing lotion or the Dew facial wash after, once your makeup is removed.

    Tip: lots of customers use the Dew Facial wash in the shower with the muslim cloth.

    STEP 2 : REBALANCE This is the important step. Now apply the Energising Conditioner followed by Refreshing Hydrating Mist

    STEP 3 : And to finish REPLENISH your skin with Realive Serum this is more active and moisturising, so if you have oily skin, maybe leave this one out.

    Follow by Enriching Moisturiser


    RITUAL STEP 1 : RENEWAL. To begin, use either the Cleansing Oil de Mac, the Cleansing lotion or the Dew Facial Wash, it just depends on your preference.

    STEP 2 : REBALANCE Then, apply Energising Conditioner followed by Refreshing Hydrating Mist

    STEP 3 : REPLENISH To finish, apply Realive Serum followed by Enriching Moisturiser, depending on skin type

    You could use AEOS with other organic products, but you will not get the complete skincare solution that AEOS is designed for.

    Also like any new skincare I recommend that you use only AEOS products for at least 2 months.

    This will enable the natural factors of active organic and biodynamic ingredients and crystal essences a chance to bring out a different level of radiance within your skin.