Florame Portable USB Oil Diffuser "White"

Your Portable USB Oil Diffuser 

Fabulous for your car or office. Plug into your USB socket and smell the transformation of your room.

Simply choose your favourite essential oil and pop it in your cute little portable diffuser.

This diffuser works on Micro- diffusion with a mini ultrasonic plate looking after all those essential oils properties.

If you fancy changing your mood or scent, you can simply change to another bottle. 

Buy the refill pack for $15, and have 3 more empty refill bottles giving you 3 more options of your favourite scents. 

Why not have a scent for your car and another for your office?

There are 2 colours to choose from, Black or White. 

Warning: This is not a USB flask drive. 

  • Unscrew the cap of the glass bottle and add the essential oil using the funnel. Then remove the protective cap of the diffusion tip and screw the diffusion tip onto the glass bottle. Then place the mounted set into the diffuser to make sure the diffusion tip is in contact with the ultrasonic plate. Clip the cover on, pull out the USB and pop into your car or computer USB. We recommend to use only one scent per bottle -so as not to confuse the scent. When you place your diffuser into a USB port make sure your USB diffuser faces upward and not in dire contact with a surface.
  • The diffuser could become a little blocked because of the essential oil particles. If so give it a little clean.

    1, Unplug and remove the glass bottle.

    2, Use the mini pump to drop 2-3 drops of the diffuser cleaner into the diffuser unit.

    3, Put the USB back into a socket and leave to rum for a few minutes.

    4, Then remove from the socket and restore the glass bottle.