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Caramel Shadow - Light Auburn - 6.54

100% Certified Organic.

Perfect for all fair rosie, medium warm to light olive complexions and women with naturally light red hair. 

Carmel shadow will bring a warmth and spiciness to gray hair, light blonde and dark blonde hair and a hint of cinnamon to light brown hair and even to medium brown hair.

Containing Aloe vera this colour range was designed with conditioning in mind and perfect for those of us who have sensitive skin and scalp issues. 

Made in Australia. 


  • It will feel like you have just done a hair treatment.

    Aloe Vera promotes healthy hair growth, by rebalancing the scalp and bringing the scalp to the hairs’ natural PH level.

    Helps to alleviate itching and dryness. Helps with dandruff. Non-irritating formula.

    Will also strengthen your hair shaft, helping to repair split ends, creating strength, softness and shine.

    Perfect to use while you are pregnant .

  • VEGAN.

    No peroxide, no ammonia, no PPD, no synthetic chemicals or fragrance.

    100% Certified botanical ingredients

    Indigofera tinctoria, Aloe barbadensis.

  • Not recommended for people who wish to bleach their hair back to blonde in the future.

    Follow instructions in the packet.

    Before you buy it would be useful to know: Its best to do a strand test t to ensure your desired shade.

    You’ll need a mixing bowl and a tint bush to mix the colour in.

    You can mix with ingredients like Chamomile tea, Lemon, etc to enhance the colour.

    You may need to make the mixture up the night before.

    Can be left on up to 3 hours


    Desert Shadow Hair Treatment Oil .

  • Certified Organic by NASAA.