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Intrametica Caddie Collection (empty)

Hooked on these amazing clinically tested superfood supplements then you need to store them in these perfectly designed Miron Violet Class Caddies.

Being a violet glass, it filters out light in the visible spectrum, letting in only UV light (UVA and UVB) and infrared. The absence of visible light helps the product resist degradation, increasing the product’s shelf life. suppressing negative microbial growth.

Use these Miron glass caddies to ensure ultimate freshness and potency.

They also look amazing!

This collection includes 

Purify Body Cleanse Miron Glass Caddie (Empty) 

Collagen Ultimate + Miron Glass Caddie (Empty)

Toned Protein Boost Miron Glass Caddie (Empty)

  • Storing your Intrametica Pouches in these violet glass caddies,suppressing negative microbial growth and looks great on your kitchen bench. .
  • Violet glass
  • Keep on Kitchen Bench :)