A skincare range with a powerful holistic approach to nurturing your skin.

Where your health and wellbeing are totally taken care of. A skincare hero for very dry, prematurely aging, environmentally-sensitized or eczema-prone skin. 

Their philosophy is simple: to achieve your most beautiful complexion, “first care for the soil, feed the skin and nourish the soul”

How they do it….

First care for the soil.

On their farm in England, they start by looking after the soil, carefully follow organic and biodynamic methods. Meaning all plants and herbs are nurtured and grown in a way that maximises each ingredient’s powerful potential, harvesting them at the peak of their mineral and nutrient life-force all without the use of man-made pesticides, chemicals, and fertilizers.

Most of their ingredients come from their farm and any other ingredients come from carefully selected organic and biodynamic farms across the world.

With the goal of creating the most skin-enhancing products possible, they take just as much care extracting and treating the water used in your products, as they do tending the soil and plants on the farm.

The water in their formulations is drawn from a natural artesian ground source, free from any potential physical or energetic contaminants found in tap water.


Secondly, feed the skin…and the power of Spelt oil

Their organic Spelt oil, packed with vitalising vitamin E is grown on their Shire Farm and is fast-absorbing, enabling your skin to reap the maximum benefits of all the proteins and essential fatty acids.

This skin-loving powerhouse is nature’s solution to help moisturise and regenerate your skin making it a prized ingredient in their award-winning skincare products.


And then Nourish the soul…

For all us crystal energy believers, you’ll love this.

To elevate the energetic qualities, the water is purified and the bacteria is eradicated by passing it through vortex pipes so it flows in spirals – just as it would in natural rivers. 

It is passed through special chambers, stabilized and imbued with the positive energetic information from crystals, such as rose quartz and fire opal (the Pink range) and amethyst, turquoise (the Blue range)

The water then passes through vortex pipes again into a tank for electrostatic induction (ESI), causing vibrations in the water, which help maximize the skin-hydrating powers of our formulas.

Finally, they blend all their ingredients together with their water enhanced by crystal energies, creating a synergistic power to nourish your skin in a way that it intuitively understands.

Aeos know there’s more to a healthy complexion than just treating it with the highest quality skincare ingredients, they are aware that our skin can reflect long-standing emotional states.

Their holistic belief is that colours have the power to enhance our emotional well-being, which in turn can enhance the well-being of our skin, and their 100% natural and plant-derived colours in their formulations are specially created to support this process.

Choosing products in this way can deliver nurturing at a far deeper level than choosing them based on our skincare needs alone.

Kindling the Radiance Within

Which colours are of most benefit to you depends on your unique circumstances.

Just as we may be instinctively drawn to certain colours of food according to our nutritional needs, your intuition will guide you to the unique combination of skincare products that best meet your individual needs for your skin.



When you’re drawn to the warm hues of pink, you instinctively recognise the desire to bring more kindness, caring and love into your life. Feeling drawn to pink is a gentle reminder to make space in your life to nurture and look after yourself, just as you nurture and look after your loved ones.

Aeos Pink formulations, enhanced with the crystal essences of fire opal, rose quartz and rubelite, help support the heart chakra and assist you in achieving the rosy complexion that replenishing these pink qualities within yourself helps to create.


Being attracted to the calming hues of blue signals the desire to find more peace and serenity in your daily life. To choose blue is to invite stillness and calm within, to find peace and acceptance with our circumstances. Our blue formulations, rich in skin-soothing chamomile and enhanced with crystal essences of amethyst, turquoise and emerald, help you slow down, breathe deep and soothe away the effects of stress on your skin.

Why we love AEOS

They use Sustainable biodynamic farming methods. From planting as many trees as possible and reducing packaging, to leading the way with off-the-grid solar power, sustainability is paramount to the AEOS way of life.

100% Natural,

Only has natural preservatives,

Apart from their product that contains organic honey; all their formulations are created using 100% vegan ingredients.

They don’t use any raw materials or ingredients that are tested on animals.