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This is your answer to healthy living through genuine, Certified Organic hair care & colours that don't use all the usual chemical enhancers to give you a good result. 

Desert Shadow have gone back to the 'old ways' of using raw plants to create safe, natural pigments for your hair, creating 12 shades of colour.

Desert Shadow has strong ethics and passion which is seen in the small things they do each day to create change and a ripple effect that radiates out.

What they are proud of.

'It's the little things we do each day that make a difference and leave us with a happy heart'

-Charmaine & Tomas

Desert Shadow sleep well at night with their strong ethics and passion, which is seen in all the small things they do each day to create change, knowing the ripples will create change in some way.

Why we love Desert Shadow



They are certified by NASAA & USDA. Which require a minimum of 97% Certified organic ingredients in their products and all of their colours & treatments are 100% Certified organic.

Are strong believers in Fairtrade and ethical sourcing and only source from suppliers overseas if they have visited their working space making sure there is no exploitation or unethical work practices.

Use Recycling & using 100% post-consumer recycled paper for all their paper packaging.

Have transparent information on all their ingredients.