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Florame uses the perfect balance of 100% pure, uncut essential oils in all their skin, body and haircare making it ideal for those women looking for a range of natural, certified organic beauty products for skin prone to sensitivity.

Why you’ll love Florame.

Florame comes from the epicenter of the world when it comes to essential oils, specialising in aromatherapy and natural cosmetics. 

Taking advantage of new technologies Florame is able to manufacture products of exceptional quality based on the virtues of essential oils.

They guarantee you 100% pure uncut essential oils, so you can benefit from the real healing power of essential oils as well as the aroma.

They follow the strictest rules guaranteeing you perfect traceability from the producer to the finished product.


 Why we love Florame

Florame prides itself on being Labelled Cosmebio and certified by Ecocert,

If you are looking for a fully certified range then this is it.

100% Natural

No synthetic colouring, fragrance or molecules.

100% of their bottles and boxes are recyclable.

A minimum 95% of all ingredients are natural or of natural origin

A minimum 95% of the vegetable ingredients are organic

No Paraben,

No phenoxyethanol,

No silicon and



Florame continues with its sustainable development objectives and actively participate in the conservation of biodiversity.

Florame has decided to create an LPO sanctuary (Society for the Protection of Birds), on green spaces of Florame site located in St Remy de Provence, at the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Alpilles.

They also give to One Voice (France), a leading French animal rights organization, seeking to end animal experiments, to end the use of animals in circuses, and to protect farm animals, pets, and other animals.