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Seven Islands

100% Natural and formulated with the highest quality ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean and loaded with goodness.

What you’ll Love about Seven Islands

100% Natural.

Seven Islands use all aspects of the “Olive”.

High in squalene, is super nourishing and gives an antioxidant boost with the added benefit of vitamins A, D, E, and K, while the leaf extract promotes skin elasticity, soothes, hydrates and helps to tone and firm the skin.



Their Values

Handmade in Australia

The only preservatives in this luxurious body care range are natural and approved for use in organic skincare.

There are no synthetic or toxic ingredients.

Where it says fragrance/perfume in the ingredients list it’s actually Seven Islands natural preservative system which actually has it's own natural vanilla and almond aroma. This is not a synthetic or toxic ingredient.

Their Promise

Inspired while on holidays in the Mediterranean, Anne Marshall was inspired to develop a body care range free from all the synthetic and chemical pollutions stressing the skin. 

A former beauty therapist who struggled to find exactly what she wanted in natural or organic products wanted to create a range you and I could trust and that it was all it claimed to be. 

So she set out to create her own natural Body Care Range with no chemicals or synthetics) that actually did what it claimed to do,  so your skin could have a holiday also. 



Why we love Seven Islands

We love supporting “Indie Brands” that are making a difference. Seven Islands is looking after our health and wellbeing. And their promise to us is that they will continue to do so.   

Seven Islands is cruelty-free and does not test on animals.

The body scrub contains crushed olive pips for environmentally friendly exfoliating. (No polluting our oceans and poisoning our fish)

All packaging is PET, fully recyclable and BPA free.

Seven Islands Mission Statement

“Luxurious all natural skincare will always be at the forefront of our brand.”