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ACTIVANCE "Enhance" Leave in treatment


Activance Enhance is designed to help restore the natural goodness in your hair that everyday stresses constantly deplete. Regular use of Activance Enhance boosts the vital hair nutrients Rhodanide, MSM and amino acids, helping to maintain general hair and scalp health.

Recommended for those who want to:

  •     Replenish nutrient-depleted hair
  •     Re-energise lifeless or slow-growing hair
  •     Improve hair condition and manageability

A nutritive, weightless leave-in treatment, Activance Enhance contains extracts from pure essentials oils including orange blossom, geranium and rose. It’s made to be gentle on scalps while helping to foster ideal growing conditions.

For those with fine and thinning hair, see our handy product selection guide to help you choose the most appropriate leave-in treatment for your hair and scalp type.



  • RHODANIDE Rhodanide: The key ingredient performs several vital functions at once, including strengthening hair, aiding in hair follicle metabolism and fighting off damaging chemicals and free radicals.
  • Stabilised formula: aqua; alcohol; propanediol; sodium lactate; allantoin; panthenol; dimethyl sulfone (MSM); sodium & potassium Rhodanide (thiocyanate); amino acids: taurine, polylysine; 2-phenylethanol
  • For best results, just follow these three steps to better hair health.
    STEP 1
    Shake bottle well.
    STEP 2
    Hold nozzle 5 cm away from scalp and spray over the entire hair and scalp area, including mids and ends.
    STEP 3
    Massage in, leave in and style as usual.
    Use Activance leave-in treatments on damp or dry hair before applying any other product or treatment.
    Use 2–4 times per week to maintain hair health.
    To address hair and scalp issues, concentrate on areas of concern and apply at least 20 sprays to clean hair every day for 6 months or as directed by a hair care professional.

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