Deep Red Shadow

100% Certified Organic.

Perfect for fair to medium warm complexions, those who love a daring colour and women with naturally red hair. Makes green or blue eye dazzle.

Deep Red Shadow will give you a deep fire red to grey, light blonde and dark blonde hair and will give a cherry burgundy tone to light brown and medium brown hair. And on dark brown or black hair will give you a hint of red in the sunlight. 

Containing Aloe vera this colour range was designed with conditioning in mind and perfect for those of us who have sensitive skin and scalp issues. 

Made in Australia.


  • Aloe barbadensis: with it’s moisturising properties and power for reducing redness and inflammation. This is one of the most well known of healing plants.  

    Scalp: Aloe Vera promotes healthy hair growth, by rebalancing the scalp and bringing the scalp to the hairs’ natural PH level. Helps to alleviate itching and dryness Helps with dandruff. Non irritating formula  

    Hair: the gel- like substance of the Aloe leaf is very similar to that of the chemical composition of Keratin, (protein in our hair) which means if the structure is similar to our own natural structure. the substance can be easily absorbed by the hair shaft, thus gaining all the befits Aloe has to offer, helping to repair split ends, creating strength, softness and shine.  

    100% Certified botanical ingredients 

    Vegan and animal-friendly 

    Enhanced with Aloe Conditions your hair leaving it soft, smooth and shiny. Effective grey hair coverage the natural way. No peroxide, no ammonia, no PPD, no synthetic chemicals or fragrance.  

    Up to 6 weeks long lasting semi-permanent colour 

    Ethically traded.  

    A safe alternative for a women who are pregnant and want to colour their hair* Perfect for those who suffer allergies and skin sensitivity from commercial hair dyes. * always consult your doctor  

  • Indigofera tinctoria, Aloe barbadensis.
  • TIPS:  

    No Desert Shadow colour will lighten your colour as there is no bleach, or peroxide in the product. This is also not a quick chemical enhanced colour, and not suitable for those women who regularly change their hair colour.  

    Follow your instructions inside your box. 

    Before you buy it would be useful to know:  

    It is always advisable to do a strand test to ensure your desired shade. You’ll need a mixing bowl and a tint bush to mix the colour in. After mixing the products, leave for 10 minutes, should have the consistency of a thick smooth yoghurt - you can always add water if too thick. You can also use herbal tea instead of water.  

    Chamomile Tea will sooth your scalp. Rosemary tea will promote healthy hair growth - don't use if pregnant or breast feeding. 

    Hibiscus Tea will help split ends. 

    You’ll need cling film or a shower cap to wrap your hair in to keep it warm and even pop a towel/scarf over the top, if your feeling a little chilly. 

    The product works best if its warm.  

    The paste must be left in the hair for up 1- 2 hours and for grey coverage leave in your hair for up to 3 hours. 

    You then rinse and condition and then shampoo and condition again.  

    You’ll need a wide tooth comb for spreading the hair. 

    Remember the longer the colour is in your hair the deeper the colour will be. 

    For grey coverage follow the instructions.  

    Repeated use will see your colour become richer and richer and in some cases darker. If this is the case then just keep doing your re-growth.  


    Florame Certified Organic shampoo and conditioner.  

    CERTIFICATION Certified Organic by NASAA