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Florame "Fine Lavender" Essential Oil Pure Organic

Lavender essential oil is known for relaxation qualities is the perfect before bed tonic for the body and mind.

With its beautifully versatile aroma, it’s sweet, fresh and florally scent will reduce tension, sooth and calm you.

Mix with Florame’s Neutral Base Organic Body Oil and moisturize your body before bed and let yourself drift into a restful nights sleep.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. 

  • Lavender oil is incredibly calming and great for headaches, reducing an angry spirit and inflammation ( which is anger and heat in the body) We can calm the active mind with lavender to reach a higher state of consciousness It is known to help acne, anxiety, feeling down, headache, oily skin, scars, stretch marks, relax, fight stress and promote sleep. This oil focuses on the sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems and balances them. Chakra work - works on the Third Eye, which is the gateway to our intuition.
  • Florame Essential Oils Oils are not heated, mixed with anything else, or adulterated in any way. Culture : Organic Famille : Lamiacées Profil Biochimique : Acétate de linalyle, Cis ocimene, Linalol Organe : Flowers, steam distillation Origine : France Florame’s Guarantee. The organic guarantee of Florame’s essential oils and essences is controlled and certified by Ecocert, an independent control organization. Ecocert is the largest control organization and alone it controls 80% of organic operators. Approved by the state authorities, its role is both to check the conformity of production and importation and to inform the various actors of the applicable rules. Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Mix 10 drops of Lavender to about (0.5 ml) to 15–25 ml Neutral Base Organic Give your face a steam and pop a couple of drops in the basin, then cover your head with a towel. Add a few drops to your bath water to soak away stress. You can apply1 or 2 drops topically on the feet before going to bed. Add 5–7 drops (0.3 ml) to water in a vaporizer or diffuser Caution : Do not use while pregnant or breast feeding, or for children under 7. Do not use for people who have a past history of seizures (convulsions) and / or essential oils allergies. A doctor or a qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted for any specific therapeutic indication or for any oral therapy. WOTKS WELL WITH Most oils, especially citrus oils, and geranium