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Florame Nebulization Diffuser

Diffusion of essential oils by nebulization (microdroplets)

This diffuser is absolutely the best way to obtain both therapeutic healing value and fragrance propagation from essential oils.

Made in one part of solid Hevea (Rubber Tree) for a silent use and an elegant glass top. It has an integrated timer for a controlled diffusion and a button to set precise diffusion dose

(2 minutes on and 1minute off for 2 hours then it automatically will shut off.) 

  • Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses Essential oils and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function and health. The different smells (aromas), and the chemical constituents of the oils, can produce different emotional and physiological reactions. When an oil is inhaled, it is easily and immediately absorbed, finding its way to different parts of the body, including the brain, providing us with benefits such as stress reduction, relaxation, immune system boost, and an increased ability to better concentrate. It also smells divine in the room and can even purifying the air of certain pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. A Nebulizing Diffuser, is one of the best ways to enjoy their therapeutic effects. it is often considered the best type of diffusion for the therapeutic use of essential oils. It doesn’t use heat which is important because high levels of heat can actually alter the chemical constituents of the oils. Therefore changing the therapeutic benefits. Very effective in aromatizing the immediate environment without humidifying the air, which can be an advantage for people living in homes prone to moisture.
  • Put a small quantity of essential oil and renew it quite often to avoid oxidation. We recommend you diffuse only pure essential oils, preferably from organic culture. As these diffusers work powerfully to rapidly fill the air with essential oils, they tend to use the oils at a higher rate than any other type of diffusers. Maintenance: Once to twice a month, pour 1 to 2ml of diffuser cleaner into the empty glass and turn the diffuser on for 2 minutes. The diffuser cleaner dissolves the essential oils waste and cleans the nebulizer. When you diffuse essential oils of citrus fruits (such as orange, lemon...), replace the diffuser cleaner with lavandin essential oil. If the diffuser is not used regularly, you should empty the glassware and clean it, as essential oils may thicken and solidify otherwise. This diffuser is guaranteed for two years from the purchasing date. Never use a carrier oil in the nebulizer, or an essential oil diluted in a carrier. It will ruin the glass nebulizer and void the warranty. WORKS WELL WITH All Essential oils. Any Essential oil - be aware this diffuser tends to use the oils at a higher rate, but is one of the best ways to enjoy the therapeutic effects of your oils. You’ll need the diffuser cleaner, the cleaner dissolves the essential oils waste and cleans the nebulizer.

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