4 Family Friendly Raw Food Detox Recipes (even picky eaters will love!)

April 08, 2018

4 Family Friendly Raw Food Detox Recipes (even picky eaters will love!)

We’re all aware of the importance of eating healthier, but when it comes to your family, everyone has their own personalities and unique tastes, which can make agreeing on a healthy meal an almost impossible task! 

Sure, everyone is quick to agree to a KFC family feast or a juicy burger and fries, but how do you get everybody on board with a raw food recipe that will benefit your health without tasting like cardboard?

Well, fortunately for you, we have found 4 raw food detox recipes that are so good, your friends and family won’t believe you when you announce it’s got nothing bad in it!

Breakfast Berry Smoothie Bowl






No one’s going to fight you on this, we can guarantee it, because who would turn down dessert for breakfast? While this bowl isn’t technically dessert it’s just as sweet, fruity and delicious and packs a real nutrient punch!

Berries are packed in antioxidants while banana is rich in magnesium and potassium to control blood sugar and blood pressure as well as help you to feel relaxed. Coconut or almond milk is brimming with healthy fats while the toppings help everyone to make the bowl their own. Choose from energy-rich chia seeds, protein-rich hemp, coconut, dark chocolate chips or even fruit, just go crazy!

Get the full recipe here.


Summer Glow Buddha Bowl






Buddha bowls will soon become your go-to during your raw food journey and after trying this one you’ll know why! 

This bowl is packed with antioxidant-rich veggies like kale, green beans, and zucchini while creamy avocado provides your healthy fats and quinoa your daily dose of whole grains. Top it all off with some seeds and a delightful dressing and you have a meal sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters!

Get the full recipe here. 


Kale Rainbow Detox Salad With Lemon vinaigrette





Perhaps you’ve bashed salads in the past, proclaiming them to be the food of supermodels or anyone who just doesn’t love food. But your opinion might change after chowing down on this one!

A salad packed with kale will fill you up in no time thanks to all the fiber and yellow and orange veggies don’t only brighten this one up, they are packed with vitamins A and C for healthier, more youthful skin. Cilantro and parsley are wonderful body detoxifiers while a lemon dressing adds an extra antioxidant kick and a wonderful zingy twist.

Get the full recipe here.


Chia Pudding




And finally my new breakfast favourite. The tiny modern-day superfood. Who would have ever thought, that these little seeds could pack such a punch? Chia Pudding, full of Omega -3 fatty acids, fiber, and protein. 

These little seeds are also loaded with antioxidants which maintain skin health. 

Antioxidants fight all the free radicals, which are caused by environmental toxins, breaking down our skin's collagen which can create wrinkles. 

Top it with blueberries, nuts, and coconut chips and you have a very powerful combination. So this is why these little seeds have become my new breakfast staple. 

Have it in the morning have it at night - just have it…

Get the full recipe here

These recipes are perfect if you’re new to the raw food journey. They will boost your energy levels and leave you feeling nourished and revived; all the motivation you need to continue!


If you have any great recipes we would love to hear from you, leave your comment below.  

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