About Intrametica

Luxurious evidenced based natural medicine formulations to transform your inner beauty!

What you’ll love about Intrametica


You will love the Intrametica range as it is designed to be used alongside and enhance a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet with exercise and proper hydration - and best of all they taste amazing! 

The range offers scientifically therapeutic components to enhance your wellbeing and to enhance and protect your skin form the damaging effects of everyday life. The range is designed to support and maintain your beauty as you age.

The powered supplements are the first of their kind in the Australian market and each of the incredibly effective ingredients that can be found in the formulas have been specially chosen because of its therapeutic action and the scientific evidence to back it up.

And will:

Smooth out wrinkles, and fine lines.

Protect against UV sun damage

Firm, tone and reduce cellulite.

Build your hair and Nails

All while improving metabolism, hunger, sugar cravings and cleansing our body,



Their values

Intrametica values supporting a healthy lifestyle that starts from within. The intrametica team is a collaboration of amazing, passionate women who are driven to give you the very best that we have inside us.

From the concept to the design, every inch and element is infused with love and belief in the brand we bring to you. Our passion is to exceed your expectations and, to enhance your beauty from within.


Their promise

Intrametica's is passionate about delivering a product that is scientifically supported and each ingredient in the Collagen Ultimate +, Purify Body Cleanse and the Toned Protein Boost has been specifically added for their therapeutic qualities as they are passionate about supplying you a product that works and tastes great! 

They promise that their evidence-based natural medicine formulations will work alongside your current routine to transform your inner beauty!



Why we love Intrametica

From the concept to the design, every inch and element is infused with love and belief in the brand they bring to you.

Not tested on animals.

Australian Brand.

Sustainably sourced products.

All products are evidence-based, certified organic natural supplements.

Learn more about Intrametica with Sandra's interview with Angela the founder of Intrametica. 



Check out Intrametica Body Cleanse 


Check out Intrametica Collagen Ultimate + 


Check out Intrametica Toned Protein Boost 




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