Sandra Robins has been working in the Natural Beauty industry for over 25 years and is an expert when it comes to women’s beauty.

Sandra's passion for beauty education, toxic free health and wellbeing is one of her main drivers in life. Sandra is a qualified hairdresser, makeup artist and Image consultant and has worked with Aveda skincare for many years and currently educates in the Beauty Industry.

Having owned 3 Aveda Life Style salons in Melbourne, Sandra has had many women seek her advice on their hair, makeup, skincare and how to bring their natural beauty to life. 

Working with women on such a deep level excites Sandra to really explore what it is for women to feel uniquely beautiful to themselves and discover their “own kind of beautiful, naturally”.

Sandra’s passion for beautiful, natural, purposeful products lead her to sourcing products that fulfill her criteria of result driven products while looking after our health and well being, hence Products with Purpose was born.

All the products for sale have gone under Sandra’s microscope to examine the safety of all the ingredients. 

Sandra’s mission is to bring women the best products, education and tips about Owning Your Own Beauty Naturally. 


A note from Sandra...

One of the biggest influences for me when I was growing up was my mum. Her insightfulness regarding our environment, her connection with nature and her love for everything natural greatly impacted on me.

I remember her referring to articles she had read, way before the internet arrived, discovering the possibilities of Mad Cow disease. She warned us of the dangers and the devastating effect it was having on us as a society, a decade before it became public knowledge.

As a family, we never ate veal because of the inhumane way calves are treated. Living next to a farm and listening to the devastating cries of separated mothers and calves throughout the night, reinforced we were making the right choice.

So is it any wonder I have the drive and passion to protect all things natural and to promote healthy living? As well as informed decisions on health and wellbeing.

Add that to the mix of my love of “Beauty” and you can see why, along with my partner at the time, I created Australia’s first “lifestyle” salon.

We ran a very successful business using natural products. Products that sat close to my heart, and supported indigenous communities and were thoughtful about their source. Products that were conscious about waste and how we were to dispose of their packaging and certainly no chemicals to pollute our bodies and the environment.

I became an experienced hairdresser, makeup artist, and Image consultant. My work featured in Vogue and other leading women's magazines. I had fun styling hair for the Logies and judging hair at major national industry awards.

I’ll also squeeze in that I modeled internationally for 5 years, discovered in London and then making my way to Australia.

One of my deepest passions, then and today is teaching and educating. Teaching women how to look and feel beautiful using what they have naturally. Teaching them that beauty comes from the inside and is about every thought they think about themselves.

That beauty is about self-love and feeling beautiful is about the products we adorn, lather and rub onto our bodies, the food we place in our mouths and the time we take to learn about ourselves. Through these learnings, I witness first hand the empowerment that comes from education and information.

My love for adventure, animals, and nature took me to see the mountain gorillas of northern Rwanda, an experience that was so humbling, mind-blowing and moving and one I will never forget.

A few days after leaving Rwanda the country exploded into war and within approximately three months, an estimated 500,000 to 1 million innocent civilians were murdered. The worst episode of ethnic genocide since World War II, leaving the Gorillas exposed to poachers, and close to a hundred thousand children orphaned.

My need to connect and help lead me to World Vision, they were opting for sustainable activities, to rebuild their community. My business sponsored a child named “Domnique”. I am proud to say we sponsored her for 20 years and as of September 2015 the project in Rwanda is complete. The money sent not only helped her but her whole community, which is now totally self-sufficient and back on their feet again. It gave me a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and pleasure knowing we had made a difference

I am truly passionate about natural/organic products or products that have a purpose for why they exist.

Having worked in service and retail industry and seen firsthand the waste, the lack of thought and consideration in where the product are sourced, who’s making it and the environmental footprint left behind to create it... leads me to my vision.

What if we could be part of something amazing, purposeful, something that created change which empowered others? Something that protected and nurtured and didn’t rely on cruelty or chemicals.

 I have witnessed first-hand the power of the “gift and purpose” and the difference it makes. So I give to you “Products with Purpose”


"Enjoy shopping knowing you are making a difference."