Suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, then Activance could be the natural and effective solution to your hair and scalp issues.

"I was looking for something different. Something that worked with the body — because, after 30 years of being a healthcare practitioner, I believe in working with the body, not against it.”      - Arthur Chan, founder of Activance


And because Products with Purpose stock Activance, you know you are covered and it will not contain any silicones, artificial colours, chemical preservatives, parabens and NO hidden impurities.

Activance is a very unique company as it just creates, the only stabilised, patented formula scientifically proven shampoo, conditioners and leave in treatments especially for hair and scalp health, addressing many hair and scalp issues women may have.

 Their Story.


 All activance products are centred around a key ingredient called Rhodanide.

And when we become deficient in this nutrient one of the side effects is we start to experience hair damage, thinning and hair loss.

Activance boosts your Rhodanide levels, a vital nutrient that performs several vital functions at once, including strengthening hair, aiding in hair follicle metabolism and fighting off damaging chemicals and free radicals.

Interestingly enough they discovered this after the second world war in Europe more than 50 years ago, when infectious diseases ripping through the continent and to prevent illnesses from spreading, they issued to humans and animals, a supplement with the health-boosting nutrient Rhodanide.

Unexpectedly, scientists noticed significant changes to the animals’ coats, including increased wool production, quality and shine, struck by these mysterious side effects, researchers from leading German universities began to investigate.

They discovered that, in fact, Rhodanide is so essential to the biology of both animal and human hair that our own bodies naturally produce it.

So work continued and after more than half a century of research into Rhodanide’s nurturing effect on hair, European scientists developed the world’s first formula aimed at total hair health: Activance.




Protects against damage, premature thinning and ageing

For any one who…

  • Is Menopausal, hair thinning can be an issue now, so Activance is the perfect leave in treatment for you.

Helps to relieve scalp irritation, seborrhea and dandruff

For any one who…

  • has an irritated, scalp condition.

Moisturises & improves thickness, resilience, volume, shine, and manageability

For any one who…

  • Has hair colour, chemically straightens or perms their hair, or is constantly styling or straightening, the thermal heat is ruining your hair, so this gives greater protection,

Stimulate hair growth and reduce the rate of hair loss

For any one who…

  • Is under Stress, a major factor for hair loss in women lately.
  • Is ill.
  • Has a poor diet, you are depleted of goodness to feed your hair shaft in the growth period.
  • Is ageing
  • Is pregnant, this very gentle formula is totally safe for you and your new arrival.

Revive & strengthen lifeless, damaged and thinning hair

 For any one who…

  • Wash’s their hair very frequently. So those women who have fine, low density hair and if you didn’t wash your hair everyday you feel like a grease slick. Perfect for you!
  • Is on Medication such as anti-depressants and anti-inflammatories. Medication can effect your hair at the new growth phase, leaving your hair fragile and easily damaged.
  • Is always outside, and having environmental damage such as the sun and wind, need we say any more, just like your skin, your hair is effected to and can become brittle and susceptible to damage and split ends.


RECOMMENDED BY: dermatologists, doctors, trichologists and hairdressers


Our hair has different cycles of life and it’s in these different cycles that Activance works its magic.

No1, one of them being when the hair has left your body and is being washed down the plug hole, this leaves an empty follicle and this is where when the body is under stress or depleted of the right nutrients this follicle can lay dormant for a lot longer than we want, sometimes years instead of months

This is where Activance can help shorten the hibernation period and kick start the growth period.

No 2, The next phase is where the hair is growing, taking up to 2- 6 years to grow. The problem is, the shorter the growing phase the more serious the hair thinning or hair loss can occur.

Activance can help prolong and support this growing phase so the hair can progress well to the next phase, the resting phase.

No 3, Once rested its time for the hair to start thinking about shedding, its this regression phase that Activance can also help, as it slows this process down and prevents synchronisation of shedding, resulting in less hair fall.


By using the specially formulated shampoo, this cleans and prepares your scalp for tyour choice of he Leave in Treatment, either an oily scalp, or a problem scalp, and its this leave it treatment that contains the ingredients to rebalance your scalp.

Activance feeds your follicles directly through absorption, providing nourishment, and rebalancing exactly where it is needed.

Activance is so successful with its results that you will find dermatologists, doctors, trichologists and hairdressers all use and recommend this Total hair health range.

Why we love Activance



A simple, all-in-one, leave-in formula.

Activance believes that what ISN’T in a product is just as important as what is.

Activance products contain

NO silicones,

NO artificial colours,

NO chemical preservatives,

NO parabens and

NO hidden impurities.

Animal-cruelty free.

Proudly Australian made.