Gut Health And Your Skin.

August 07, 2018

Products with Purpose Gut Health and skin

For many years now I believed that glowing skin and Natural Beauty starts from within. Starting with the thoughts we think and the food we eat.

And “Gut Health” has now become a bit of a Buzzword around town!

So what is it? Gut health is about maintaining a healthy environment for our good bacteria to thrive, allowing our digestive enzymes to work efficiently, so we can benefit from the nutrients we are ingesting.

But sometimes it can go wrong and become unbalanced, either through stress, processed foods, and too much alcohol and sugar.

We as women know all too well if it becomes unbalanced, and we suddenly become susceptible to Thrush, Candida, and IBS.

This is a topic that greatly interests me so I decided to interview Angela Smith, Naturopath, founder, and CEO of Interamerican and The Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic.

Angela is also very passionate about Natural Beauty and how it relates to our gut and has developed 3 powerful gut health supplements to support her belief.

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Check out my interview with Angela who gives us a few tips on what we can do to maintain a stable environment and how a healthy gut results in glowing skin.

If you want to hear more from Angela and Intrametica, jump on over to our ‘About Intrametica” and hear more about these 3 very powerful Gut health supplements for Beauty, Health, and Fitness.


If you enjoyed this article then why not hear more? 

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