NATULIQUE Certified Organic Volume Conditioner

If volume is what you're after, this conditioner adds nourishment while softening the hair to contribute to beautiful and natural looking full volume hair.

Penetrating deep into the scalp this new certified organic formula stimulates the hair follicles to keep hair roots strong while increasing the thickness of individual hair strands.

Jam-packed with beneficial antioxidants, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Omega Fatty Acids and over 75 different nutrients this is the ideal conditioner for rejuvenating and nourishing both hair and scalp.



  • The new certified organic formula is jam-packed with beneficial antioxidants, vitamins Amino Acids, Omega Fatty Acids and over 75 different nutrients.
  • Apply conditioner to hair and work from scalp to ends. Leave in hair for one minute. Rinse with warm water, towel dry and style



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  • VEGAN FRIENDLY + 360BIOCERT ORGANIC, Ingredient Integrity, Cosmetic Regulation, No animal testing, Sustainable Packaging, Organic Farming, Quality Farming, Quality Control, ensuring No child labour.