Taking the time to breathe and connect.

This beautiful Sri Yantra mat represents a new day. Sunrise and Sky.

Blue for Prana and Orange for warmth, purifying and energising. The meeting points of the upward and downward triangles are the representation of the union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

Buy a Sahaja mat and become a light giver. For every matt sold a solar light is given to a family with our electricity.

A limited edition print

  • Mat Care Yoga Mat & Towel in one. All designs are alignment cues to aid in practice

    Made of 100% biodegradable & recyclable natural tree rubber base

    Micro-fibre towel top made from recycled plastics

    Printed with water based ink Sahaja Yoga Mats are free from phthalates,  silicone, toxic glue or PVC, Non-Toxic

    Anti slip backing

    Carry strap included

    1830mm * 610mm * 4.5mm






  • Care Instructions: Hang your mat out after your practice to air dry.

      Sahaja yoga mats can be put in the washing machine on gentle cold wash cycle or lightly sponge down or even take it in the shower with you, then hang out to dry. 

    Drys super quick!  (Please do not put mat in dryer or use any detergent)


  • All Sahaja Yoga Mats are Limited Edition Prints.  There are only 108 yoga mats per design, per colour.