Toxic Beauty and Going Green

April 08, 2018

Toxic Beauty and Going Green

Looking for a happier, healthier more soulful way (satisfying way) to be beautiful? 

Then give yourself a makeover, raise your standards and become a Conscious Consumer. Ditch your toxic beauty products, and care about your health, care how your products are made, and who made them, and what is being sacrificed for you to look good.  


Back in the 90’s when I was setting up my Image salon I knew I didn’t want to work with chemicals any longer and wanted to introduce a product that had more heart, was safer and had more natural ingredients.

I went with Aveda. 

Aveda at the time was the first professional range that gave results for hairdressers that we could truly endorse as being better for you than what was on the market at the time.

Since then the level of awareness has grown and there has been a massive growth in the natural product arena and better, more results-driven products have come along and given us more choice. 

So it then comes down to us as the consumer to make our buying decision based on our values and life choices. “Green Beauty” “EcoBeauty”  or “Natural Beauty”. Is it Vegan, not tested on animals, cruelty-free, Organic, Natural, Non-toxic or Palm oil free.


So what does it all mean and where do you start.



Let's get clear of the definition.





Vegan - a person who does not eat meat or use any type of animal bi-products. You'll be looking for the VEGAN and PETA (approved Vegan) certification

100% Natural - existing in or derived from nature, land or sea; not made or caused by humankind. You'll be looking for the COSMOSor ECO CERTcertification.

Organic - produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.  You'll be looking for the ECO CERT, NASAA or ACO certification.

Not tested on Animals- Is not using animal testing in the development of cosmetics which may involve testing either a finished product or the individual ingredients of a finished product on animals, often rabbits, but also mice, rats, and other animalsYou'll be looking for the LEAPING BUNNY, PETA360BIOCERT certification

Cruelty-Free - commercial products, manufactured or developed by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals. You'll be looking for the LEAPING BUNNYor PETA certification.

Palm Oil Free - many people are deciding not to buy products that contain Palm Oil in its ingredients, for ethical and environmental reasons.  The single greatest threat facing Orangutans today is habitat loss, through deforestation. There are so many derivatives of palm oil that it makes it really hard to fully determine if a product was in fact 100% palm oil free. Leonardo DiCaprio is a great supporter of this campaign. You'll be looking for the POFCAP certification.

Toxic Free/ Non-Toxic - not producing or resulting from poison. There has been a big surge in awareness around product ingredients and women are now looking for products that give results and do not contain known carcinogens, poisons or simply products you would clean your oven with. (why they thought that was a good idea in the first place astounds me) You'll be looking for 360BIOCERT certification. 

Fair Trade - Every time you choose a product you will know it has been ethically produced, the person has received a fair pay for their crop and services, which in turn supports communities in some of the world's poorest countries. You'll be looking for the FAIRTRADE certification. 

Eco - not harming the environment; eco-friendly.You'll be looking for the 360BIOCERT and B CORP certification.

Green - is a term used by the beauty industry to explain that the contents of the bottle is organic or natural and was manufactured using sustainable and renewable resources. You’ll be looking for ECO CERT, NASAA, ACOand 360BIOCERT certification.


Be careful of “Greenwashing”

As a consumer, sorting fact from fiction and truth from lies can be challenging.

Because of this growing “Eco, Green” trend, it has opened up the floodgates to plenty of misleading, marketing jargon.


We as Conscious Consumers are left to make some complex choices about the product companies we support and their commitment to doing the right thing.

We are looking for 100% transparency from companies who believe in safe, healthy and toxic-free products for their customers. Companies that care about the environment and how the ingredients are sourced. They care about how it was obtained and the people who made it. They care about us the end consumer/user and the effect their product will have on you daily. 

Your choices will be based on your own values and beliefs. Just get clear what that is and what type of certification you are looking for. 

If you enjoyed this article then why not hear more? 

Sandra x


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