What your face is saying about you.

April 09, 2018

What your face is saying about you.

Your face and physical body is an absolute reflection of who you are today, with all that you are, ingrained in your face.

And within your face lies the clues of how you face the world, literally. 

It's not a reflection of your dreams or goals but a barometer of every experience that has brought you to this present moment in time.

When meeting someone for the first time, there is no history, no judgment no memory or past experience with them, so all you have to go by is the fleeting moments of your first impression and the visual clues of their face. And in this moment is when you do your face reading. 


There's no hiding who you are!






Having worked with thousands of women and their faces, this topic always fascinated me. And early in my career, I decided to study Image consulting enabling me to understand their face shapes, so I could advise on a more educated, deeper level than just what shape to cut or colour their hair.

While conducting these consultations I was always intrigued about how, on a subconscious level we can face read intuitively, by not only reading how they present themselves but reading their emotional state, which seemed to be written in every line, muscle, wrinkle and expression.


learn what your's is here 






We are all born with a bone structure and features that we are hard-wired with at birth, but it’s how we use all the intricate muscles that create our uniqueness and gives the onlooker a glimpse into who we are whether we are aware of it or not. 

Certain features we are born with give us a first impression of that person, for instance,

A strong jaw, projects strength and gives off a strong physical presence, 

A wide head always looks more powerful, 

And roundness always projects a sense of softness, sensitivity and caring. 

Cartoonists know all too well the hidden impression our features have and are great at characatures and exaggerating these features, using this knowledge to portray an emotion through the character they have drawn. 

Paul Ekman an American psychologist and professor at the University of California, is best known for his work studying emotions and their relation to facial expressions.

He talks about how the face is an important elemental part of our emotional system and that our emotions manifest our expressions, and through this, we can learn more about ourselves and other people through understanding the face.

And it’s through our micro, subtle facial expressions of 1/2 a second or shorter that we give away how we feel.  The use of the same repetitive muscles being subtly used is what moulds the unique face we see in the mirror today. It’s like our brain is a projector and our face is a screen. 

Herman Muller founder and director of the Australasian Institute of Body-Mind Analysis and Psychosomatic Therapy achieving international recognition as a true master in this ground-breaking field of work says before someone speaks you can see quite intuitively, the work, toil, hardship, challenges, and experiences that have been imprinted through their lines, expressions and muscle tension in their face.  

“You see the reflection of my experiences, that I have experienced in me. Look at the face and you already have the story.”        - Herman Muller


What’s your story and how are you presenting to the world?




You see, the belief of who you are and how life is for you is written all over your face.

When we have a belief of who we are, we live out who we believe we are every day by a standard we hold for ourselves, then we carry out a whole lot of rituals to support that standard.   

For instance,

“I’m fat”,“I can never lose weight as I am big boned and it runs in my family” is a belief and the ritual to support this belief could be, every morning the snooze alarm is pressed 2 times and then you find yourself running late for work and haven’t got time for a proper breakfast, so coffee is consumed instead and at break time you're so hungry you eat whatever you can get your hands on - good or bad! 

Whereas someone with a high standard for themselves would wake up early, get up, have their runners ready to go do some exercise and would eat a healthy breakfast before leaving the house. 

We live, moment by moment, being driven by the little rituals and habits we carry out, holding these set of standards in place. Now if these rituals are not supporting us and we're just stuck in a pattern of behaviour we then create an emotion on par with this behaviour, and hence we create a physical response through our body, perhaps one of not being happy with one's self and life around us.

Then we as onlookers get to read this through the messages ingrained in your face or manifested through your body. 


So are you looking in the mirror and not feeling that great about yourself?


Then its time to do some of your own housework and expand on yourself. 

Ask yourself the hard questions.

Do I want more joy in your life? 

Do I want to like the person I see in the mirror? 

Do I want to be proud of my body and how I look? 

For some women, these questions are very painful to answer.

Tony Robbins talks about your inner game and if you don’t like it change it. 

Change your inner game. 

Take action and 

1, Learn what shapes you because what people believe they are, they live. 

2, Recognise what rituals you’re carrying out on a daily basis that confirms these beliefs and shift or change them.

And as you have more self-recognition, that part of you that is working from the inside will soon be reflected on the outside.

This has been recognized since the time of the great Aristotle when he and his followers documented the ways that your looks could reflect your spirit.

And as you do the work and learn to love yourself more, you will notice “The glow of health” your face will soften, your eyes will become glittery and bright, your skin will shine and you will radiate positive energy and it will be this that the stranger will read when looking at your face. 

And in the words of Tony Robbins, 

“It’s not what we get that makes us happy, it's who we become and what we are able to give because we have become more, that really makes us happy.” 

So this year make it your best year ever. Are you ready to step up and feel your power and be your best self ever?

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