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Activance Professional Vitalise Leave in Treatment

Perfect for coloured, dry, weak or damaged ends, breakage and slow-growing hair.

This Innovative Luxury Hair Health leave-in treatment is made for STRENGTH!

Protecting your hair from UV rays and colour fade this leave-in treatment, containing hydrating beet extras and hydrolysed corn has been created for pure hair health.

Packed full of protective antioxidants working to improve strength, condition, and manageability. 

No silicones

No artificial colours

No chemical preservatives

No parabéns


No hidden impurities

Not tested on animals



  • RHODANIDE Rhodanide: The key ingredient performs several vital functions at once, including strengthening hair, aiding in hair follicle metabolism and fighting off damaging chemicals and free radicals.
  • stabilised formula ingredients: aqua (purified water); alcohol (ethanol); propanediol; sodium lactate; d-panthenol; ethyl panthenol; urea; sodium PCA; magnesium PCA; amino acids: arginine, taurine, polylysine; aspartic acid, glycine, alanine, serine, valine, proline, threonine, isolucine, histidine and phenylalanine; sodium rhodanide (thiocyanate); potassium rhodanide (thiocyanate); dimethyl sulfone (MSM); Chamaecyparis Obtusa (Hinoki) oil extract; allantoin; gluconolactone; Hydrolyzed corn & beta vulgaris (beet) root extract; Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) extract
  • 1.Use Alleviate on clean hair, damp or dry hair. Always apply before any other products
    2.Shake bottle well and apply 20 - 30 sprays evenly over scalp and hair
    3.Gently massage in and comb through ends.
    4.After 10 minuets style as usual
    5.For best results use daily or every second day.
    6. To treat areas of concern, increase frequency of application to the affected areas. .

    Activance Balancing shampoo/calming shampoo and Calming Conditioner